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Yoga and Fitness Classes

Keep up with your fitness routine at our newly renovated Fitness Center, featuring top-of-the-line TechnoGym equipment, including a central Outrace R2-5 structure. In addition to self-guided workouts our team offers daily fitness and yoga classes, year-round. 

In-room equipment rentals and private classes are also available.

To book your classes contact the Spa by calling 802-760-4782 or emailing for details.

Summer Yoga, Wellness, and Fitness


Classes subject to change.

  • Gentle Yoga 1 Hour | $30
    • This less intense yoga class takes a restorative approach by combing meditative, deep stretching, with slow movements. In this unhurried practice, you will feel relaxed and free to open into the present moment.
    • Tuesday & Thursday 1:00pm | Friday 9:00am
  • Vinyasa Yoga 75 minutes | $30 
    • This class links the body and the breath through vinyasa flow movements. With deliberate progression, connection, and mindful movement you will be left feeling energized, refreshed, and at ease.
    • Friday & Saturday 11:00am
  • Rest and Restore Yoga 1 hour | $30
    • Wind down with this slow and steady class full of restorative postures supported by props. For maximum benefits, each pose is held for 3-5 minutes. Designed to increase flexibility and reduce stress, this practice will leave you feeling deeply relaxed.
    • Saturday 7:00pm | Sunday 4:00pm
  • Yoga for Beginners 1 hour | $30
    • This is a fun and accessible class for all levels that focuses on the basic fundamentals of the practice of yoga.
    • Friday & Saturday 2:00pm
  • Spruce Up Yoga 1 hour | $30
    • This Sunday morning special is designed to stretch and strengthen the entire body through a thoughtful blend of seated, standing, and reclining postures. Come away with improved energy, focus, and mood.
    • Sunday 8:00am
  • Chakra Class 1 hour | $30
    • This special-topic offering focuses on the chakra system, a network of energy centers in the body that can be activated through yoga. In each session, students will unlock the power of one of seven chakras through teaching, meditation, and physical practice. 
    • Sunday 2:00pm
  • Power Yoga 1 hour to 75 minutes | $30
    • This class employs elements of Ashtanga yoga for a fast-paced, strong, and sweaty flow!
    • Monday & Wednesday 1:00pm (1 hour) | Saturday 11:00am (75 minutes)
  • Rise and Shine Yoga 1 hour | $30
    • Start the day with this refreshing and energizing class designed to wake up the body and quiet the mind.
    • Saturday 8:00am
  • Sunset Flow 1 hour | $30 | Outside (Weather Permitting)
    • This vinyasa-style class links the breath with a continuous flow of movement before settling into rest with more restorative postures. 
    • Friday 7:00pm
  • Forest Yoga 75 minutes | $30 | Outside (Weather Permitting)
    • Come join us for this heart opening and immersive nature adventure engaging your mind, body and spirit. This fun and interactive journey will take you through our tree lined trails along the creek with many points of movement and stretching along the way. This quest is great for families and all levels of experience and will leave you feeling grounded and refreshed.
    • Monday & Wednesday 11:00am
  • Mountain Yoga Immersion 1.5 hours | $30 | Outside (Weather Permitting)
    • Enjoy all the benefits of yoga while taking in the breathtaking mountain views that Spruce Peak has to offer
    • Tuesday 11:00am
  • Nature Yoga 1.5 hours | $30 | Outside (Weather Permitting)
    • Join us in this rejuvenating Vinyasa class while soaking in the sounds and magic of the forest. This class will allow you to receive all the benefits of a balancing and harmonizing yoga practice in combination with the stress-relief and beauty that nature provides.
    • Thursday 11:00am
  • Yoga Breathing 45 minutes | $30
    • Boost your immune system, reduce stress, and regulate your nervous system with yogic breathwork, a tradition used by yogis for thousands of years.
    • Wednesday 3:00pm
  • Afternoon Tea Meditation 1 hour | $30
    • Come enjoy some refreshing afternoon tea and experience some calm, quiet stillness. 
    • Tuesday 3:00pm
  • Waterfall Meditation 75 minutes | $30 | Outside (Weather Permitting)
    • This workshop-style class is designed to provide mid-day centering and grounding through a variety of mindfulness practices. Activities may include guided breathing and meditation, mindful movement, outdoor walking meditation, and more!
    • Friday & Saturday 4:00pm
  • Artful Meditation 1 hour | $30
    • Did you know that the rhythmic and repetitive motion of coloring can have a soothing effect on the nervous system, helping to reduce stress and anxiety? Come join us in this creative and mindful fusion of coloring and guided meditation.
    • Monday & Thursday 3:00pm
  • Zen Oasis 1hour | $30
    • Nature mind-body meditation walk experience. Encapsulating the essence of connecting with nature, the reflected aspect of journaling, and the meditative quality of walking.
    • Tuesday 12:00pm 

Last Updated June 11, 2024

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Summer in the Penthouses

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Book Now and Save 10%

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