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Healthy & Safe

Learn what Spruce Peak is doing to care for guests during the COVID-19 pandemic

Wild Mountains

From Bears to Birds, Here's How Spruce Peak Cares For Our Furry And Feathered Neighbors

Bringing Spruce Peak to You

Classical Yoga with Joe - #SprucePeakCares

Enjoy this great at-home yoga class with Joe Finnerty

Guides to Summer

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Warming Spa Tea Recipe - #SprucePeakCares

Warm your body and relax your mind with this at-home recipe for anti-inflammatory and antioxidant medicinal tea blend.

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At Home Yoga Poses - #SprucePeakCares

Spruce Peak's Jenn Shanahan provides some easy at-home yoga poses to gently wake up your body.

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Golf Fitness at Home

Get ready to improve your game with these great golf fitness tips from Rebecca

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Tabata at Home - #SprucePeakCares

Enjoy this 30 minute Tabata routine by Rebecca. Great for all fitness levels!

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Glowing Coffee Body Scrub - #SprucePeakCares

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At Home Work Out Tips - #SprucePeakCares

Spruce Peak fitness trainer Rebecca Rahilly provides tips to work out with supplies around the house

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At Home Moisturizing Ritual - #SprucePeakCares

Bring the Spa at Spruce Peak to your home with this at-home moisturizing ritual by our very own Jennifer Findley

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Tips for Falling Asleep - #SprucePeakCares

Oftentimes, stress effects our ability to get a good nights sleep. Try these tips from The Spa at Spruce Peak to relax and get a more restful sleep.


Artists, makers, and innovators reveal the process behind creating some of Spruce Peak’s iconic experiences.


Feel-good rituals that will soothe your soul—and take your performance to the next level


The wellness trend sweeping the nation has a nucleus in Vermont


Exploring Mt. Mansfield’s Historic Ski Trails

From Vermont Farm to Spruce Peak Fork

Local Gardens And Pastures Inspire Our Cuisine, With Ingredients So Fresh You Can Practically Taste The Terroir

Sustainable By Design

Uncovering The Ecological Elements Of The Spruce Peak Community

The Wellness Issue

Winter | Spring 2020 • Vol. 3 No. 2
Guest room interior

Dear Friends,

We hope that you and your families are safe and well during these challenging times.

Recently, the Governor of Vermont extended the 'Stay Home Stay Safe' order until May 15, 2020. Additionally, he pushed the opening date for hotels and vacation rental establishments to June 15, 2020. This means the closure date for the Lodge will be extended through June 14, 2020.

Here at Spruce Peak, we are embracing the challenge of these circumstances and hope very much to return to normal operations this summer. Next week, we will announce plans for our summer events, the golf season and more. There is a lot to look forward to and there will certainly be better days ahead.

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