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At Home Yoga Poses

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At Home Yoga Poses

Spruce Peak's Jenn Shanahan provides some easy at-home yoga poses to gently wake up your body.

As a way to extend the connection to this special place we call home to our owners, members, guests, and employees who are staying safe in place, we will be providing tips, recipes and recommendations on wellness, health, adventure, and more.

by Jenn Shanahan - The Spa at Spruce Peak

Yoga to gently wake up the body: be sure to use the breath to move the body and move as slowly as feels good for you.

Beginning in a comfortable seat. Use a folded up blanket or a block if the knees are resting higher than the hips. Reach the spine tall as you ground your seat downward. Settle into this space on your yoga mat, floor of your living room or wherever you land.

Observe your natural breath. This is a great place to find gratitude for your day, set an intention or meditate. 

Seated Cat Cow: Fingers meet interlaced behind the head, inhale deep as the elbows reach away from each other, gently look up, sternum rises. Exhale and round the spine, elbows reach together and meet in the center. Careful not to pull head/ neck downward. Inhale and repeat.

Side Bends: staying seated, come to a neutral and tall spine. Inhale, raise left arm high, walk the right fingers away from the body a few inches and slightly bend the elbow. Exhale, bend the spine over to the right and reach left arm over the head. Take a few breaths here, use each breath to create space in between the ribs. Inhale to walk the right fingers back towards center and exhale to neutralize the spine. Inhale the right arm up to repeat the other side of the body.

Cobblers Pose: Sitting tall, bring the bottoms of the feet together in the center of your mat, allowing the knees to fall to the sides. Use blankets or pillows under the knees for support. Lean the torso forward with a long spine, bring belly button towards the feet.

Childs Pose: Forehead is rests on the floor, with the option to bring knees out wide. Arms and hands reach in front of the body or back towards the feet with palms facing up. Breath into the back.

Downward Facing Dog: spread the fingers wide, reach the hips up and peddle the feet out to alternatively straighten and stretch the back of the legs. Look towards the bellybutton

Low Lunge/Crescent Lunge: bring one foot to the front of the mat with the knee tracked over the heel. Back knee is on the floor slightly behind the hip. Hips are equally pointing to the top of the mat while the arms each up. Option to gently back bend and reach hips forward. Repeat with other leg in front.

Forward Fold: from standing, exhale and hinge forward over the hips. Bend the knees slightly as the top of the head reaches down toward the ground. Try to rest the stomach on top of the quads. Straighten the spine to stand tall by slowly stacking each vertebra ontop of the other.

Knees to Chest/Twist: laying the back on the floor, hug the knees in towards the chest. Keeping the head on the ground, rock left to right until your knees land stacked on one side of the body. Stay for a few breaths then repeat by bringing knees back to the center then twist to the other side.

Savasana/Corpse Pose: laying flat on the back, let the body feel heavy and the ground fully support your weight. Option to bring blankets or pillows under the knees for low back support. Bring space between the arms and body, and between the legs. Palms face up and pinky toes reach towards the ground. Focus on the breath and stay here for as long as you want.

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