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Updated Safety & Hygiene Guidelines


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At the Lodge at Spruce Peak, the safety and wellbeing of our guests, owners, members and colleagues is of paramount importance.  As we look forward to welcoming you back, we want to share with you the steps we are taking to ensure care and cleanliness on your next visit. 

We are pleased to partner with Hyatt Hotels on a Global Care & Cleanliness Commitment which further enhances existing operational guidance and resources around colleague, guest and owner safety and peace of mind.  This multilayered commitment builds upon existing rigorous protocols and included an accreditation process by the Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC).   Learn more about this commitment and how we act upon it by visiting

As we prioritize safety and wellbeing this winter, the guest journey and the availability of amenities is going to be different than in past seasons.  We are committed to proactive and transparent communication process from the point of reservation through check-out in an effort to give each guest an opportunity to maximize their experience in safe and healthy manner. 

Below are some of the procedural changes we will be implementing for your safety and the safety of our colleagues. 

Updated Open Dates and Amenity Availability

Don't forget to pack your masks!

By mandate of the State of Vermont, masks are required while indoors or in the presence of others. A limited number of  disposable masks will be available at check-in for guests who have forgotten their own. Thank you for your understanding.

 Front Desk / Check In & Check Out Updated 11/10/2020
  • Each guest will be contacted prior to arrival to explain our updated hygiene and safety efforts, new parking procedures, and grocery store purchase options
  • 6 foot floor markers are in place to act as a guide for appropriate guest distancing
  • Pens available at the front desk will be sanitized after each use
  • Credit cards and photo IDs are not handled by front desk staff
  • Credit card machines are sanitized after each use
  • Front Desk Agents are stationed to allow for optimal spacing of employees and guests
  • All Front Desk staff are required to wear masks. 
  • All room keys are sanitized after use
  • The front desk is sanitized regularly
  • A welcome letter outlining the safety, hygienic, and operational changes is provided to each guest upon arrival
 Valet Parking Updated 11/5/2020
  • As of October 2020, The Lodge at Spruce Peak has resumed valet services. 
  • Valet staff are required to wear gloves and masks, to be changed regularly.
  • High-touch areas are sanitized regularly.
  • Guests are required to remove all masks and PPE from shifters, door handles, or other vehicle controls 
 Bell Service Updated 11/5/2020
  • All Bell and Door staff are required to wear gloves and masks. Gloves are changed after every guest interaction
  • Luggage carts are sanitized after each use
 Ski Valet Service Updated 11/5/2020
  • To limit hygiene risks in Ski Valet this winter, ski boots will be stored for owners only. Lodge guest boots will not be stored. The ski valet area will be accessible for guests to change and leave shoes while skiing. Lodge guests are to remove ski boots before returning to their rooms.
  • -To limit the volume of guests in the ski valet area, we encourage guests and owners to plan ahead for their skis to be retrieved.  For best results, email our ski valet at by 9:00Pm to have your skis waiting for you in the village by 7:30AM the next morning.  If requesting skis on the day of skiing (by email or phone) allow at least 30 minutes for your skis to be retrieved.  
 Common & Community Areas
  • A member of the housekeeping staff is stationed in the lobby throughout the day to disinfect furniture and counter tops with EPA registered disinfectant
  • Common area bathrooms are for guests only and are sanitized every 20 minutes or based on guest flow
  • Hand sanitizing stations are located by elevators and at all outlet entrance points
  • Lobby and outdoor furniture has been rearranged to allow for appropriate social distancing in a comfortable environment
 Maintenance & Guest Service Calls
  • All Maintenance staff are required to wear gloves and masks for all service calls
  • A Maintenance staff member will enter the room only when the situation requires.  If work is required in the room, we will schedule a time to perform that work when the guest is not present.  The 6 foot spacing guideline is followed when servicing a room.
 Spruce Peak Staff Updated 11/20/2020
  • All current and new hires are required to go through VOSHA and Hyatt COVID-19 training and sign an affidavit before being scheduled to work
  • It is mandatory for all staff to follow guidelines from the State of Vermont and Hyatt regarding personal hygiene guidelines and PPE requirements
  • Any staff member returning from out of state will quarantine before returning to work as required by law
  • Wellness checks are performed upon staff arrival to shift Uniforms, clothing, aprons, hats, etc. may only be worn once prior to laundering
 Guestroom Housekeeping Updated 11/10/2020
  • All Housekeeping staff are required to wear gloves and masks. Gloves are changed after every guestroom cleaning
  • In the interest of health and safety, no mid-stay service is currently being provided. Trash removal and amenity delivery is available upon request.
  • Guestrooms are disinfected after each check-out with EPA approved disinfectant
  • A new bottle of hand sanitizer is placed in every room upon guest arrival 
  • All guestroom linens are bagged in guestrooms prior to removal
  • All paper products or amenities set up for multi-use are removed from the room, including compendiums, magazines, and in-room dining menus. These will be replaced with digital or single-use offerings
  • Due to occupancy limitations, reservations are required for all outlets and all meal periods to guarantee availability.  
  • Disposable menus are provided to avoid the use of individual, reused menus
  • Pre-packaged and to-go options are available at restaurants
  • Restaurant tables are not set until guests arrive
  • All silverware is rolled and placed on the table after guests arrives
  • Seating is arranged in a social distancing format throughout the restaurant and bar area
  • All Table top items, such as condiments, are pre-packaged Servers and bartenders are required to wear facemasks and gloves at all times
  • Chairs and tables are wiped down with EPA approved disinfectant after each seating
  • Servers and bartenders are required to practice social distancing with guests
 The Pantry & Beanery
  • Customer flow is limited and controlled
  • Grocery purchase is available and offered prior to arrival as well as at check-in
 In-Room Dining
  • Only single-use to-go ware in a disposable bag is used
  • Servers are required to wear gloves and masks at all times. Gloves are replaced after each delivery
 The Spa at Spruce Peak
  • All staff is required to take VOSHA training prior to working
  • All staff is required to wear gloves & masks
  • Gloves are replaced after each guest interaction
  • Tupperware bins are provided for guests to put belongings in upon check in.
  • All staff is required to change tops, aprons, etc. between clients
  • In order to properly clean with EPA approved disinfectant, there is a 30 minutes break between bookings
  • Guests are provided with a wellness kit upon check in. This will include a bottle of water, gloves, and a disposable mask. Outside food and beverage is not allowed.
  • There are no personal belongings of staff members in the spa
  • All bookings are pre-booked
  • Guest wellness checks are conducted upon arrival
  • Only credit card payments are used in order to avoid the handling of cash
  • In order to ensure guest comfort, social distancing is enforced in the relaxation room
  • Locker rooms have been sanitized with EPA approved disinfectant and all amenities have been replaced prior to opening
  • All lockers have been sanitized with EPA approved disinfectant and robes and slippers have been replaced prior to opening
  • All equipment, furniture and surfaces are disinfected on a 30 minute rotation
  • Showers, bathrooms and vanities are disinfected on a 30 minute rotation
  • All shared amenities in communal areas are removed
  • Guests have the option to forgo access to communal areas and go directly to treatment room
 The Fitness Center
  • Reservations are required for fitness center use and occupancy will be limited based upon state requirements
  • Equipment will be put out of order to allow for required social distancing
  • Equipment is disinfected with EPA approved disinfectant after each use
  • Signage is provided to encourage social distancing and share rules & guidelines for using the fitness center
 The Pool at Spruce Peak Updated 11/20/2020
  • The number of persons in the pool/hot tubs will be limited to comply with social distancing requirements and to provide a safe and healthy environment for our guests, owners and colleagues.
  • Current mandated pool occupancy is 70ppl including attendants.
  • Current mandated hot tub occupancy is 12ppl between both hot tubs.
  • Access to the hot tubs will be available on a ‘first come – first serve’ basis, with the spa desk managing reservations for the hot tubs.
  • Reservations will be done according to the max occupancy aloud in each hot tub. 
  • Reservations will be every 30 minutes to allow for the attendant to assure reservation flow.
  • Guests will need to check in at the pool podium at the time of their reservation and will then be escorted to a hot tub with the least amount of occupancy.
  • Weather or weather-related closures will not ‘shift’ the reservations time or duration.  A guest could ‘lose’ their entire reserved hot tub window to a lightning closure for example.
  • Signage will be required at each ‘auxiliary’ access point to direct guests / owners to the spa or spa number for reservations
  • The Pool and hot tubs are for Lodge Guests, Lodge Owners, and Club members Only.
  • Lap Swim and Aqua Fitness Classes will be held between 8am – 11am (reservations will be made in The Spa)
  • No Back to back reservations.
  • Members will be limited to one reservation per weekend
  • Pending occupancy, guests and owners may be limited to one reservation per weekend.
  • Pool & hot tub hours for leisure swim are 8am – 10pm

 Shipping & Receiving Updated 11/4/2020
  • Shipping of guest, owner, and member parcels (including lost and found items and direct requests) to be provided in a bag or pre-packaged as needed
  • Staff is required to wear PPE including masks and gloves while handling parcels

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