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Make the Most of your Spruce Peak Stay by Planning Ahead.

As a way to extend the connection to this special place we call home to our owners, members, guests, and employees who are staying safe in place, we will be providing tips, recipes and recommendations on wellness, health, adventure, and more. 

by Jessica Swartley - Spa Director - The Spa at Spruce Peak

Having trouble sleeping?  Let The Spa team help you to relax at home and get a more restful sleep.  Some tips to help you….

  • Take a nice hot shower or bath.  Apply warm oil to the soles of your feet, ear lobes, and the crown of your head.

  • Make sure bed time snacks are not spicy or dry.  Choose fatty foods like avocado, bananas, dairy, or nuts.

  • Make sure your bedroom is quiet, dark, and at a cooler temperature.

  • Remember to tidy any desks for positive feng shui. 

  • Calming music or white noise may be necessary for some.

  • Calming scents to invoke a restful space.  Jasmin, lavender, lilies, etc.

  • Prepare yourself mentally by doing a Savasana.  Lie on your back with your feet apart.  Keep your arms out by your sides, with palms facing upward.  Relax your muscles.  Mentally command your body to relax.  You will feel your body relax into the surface below.  Say to yourself I am calm.  I am relaxed.  Repeat this silently to yourself.

  • Go to bed and wake up at the same time each day to prepare yourself for a cycle. 


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