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Safely doing outdoor chores - #SprucePeakCares

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Safely doing outdoor chores - #SprucePeakCares

Pay attention to your muscles and posture while working in the yard this summer.

As a way to extend the connection to this special place we call home to our owners, members, guests, and employees who are staying safe in place, we will be providing tips, recipes and recommendations on wellness, health, adventure, and more. #SprucePeakCares 

by Rebecca Rahilly.- Fitness Specialist - The Spa at Spruce Peak

 As a fitness professional, exercise is constantly on my mind.  I’m usually thinking about movement and how I can do it safely, without strain, using different muscles and lastly, how many calories does it burn.  In every season there is work to be done inside and outside the house.  This past spring, I found myself doing a lot of raking, clearing trees and mowing grass.  With all of these things, I ask myself, am I doing this safely, what muscles am I working; am I doing too much and potentially causing an overuse injury to my body? 

 Recently I was clearing some trees we had cut down.  Let me show you some things you might start thinking about next time you have to skip your workout to do chores around the house.


 If your task is carrying, change up how you do it.

Here is a safe way to carry a log using primarily your biceps. 

Here is another safe way to carry using your shoulders and core.

If carrying in front of your body, use a grip that has one hand in front and one in back.

Great stretch through the chest and you can even incorporate some lower body doing some walking lunges.

Take a look here at these 2 photos.  Can you identify which one is good posture and which one is bad?



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Dear Friends,

We hope that you and your families are safe and well during these challenging times.

Recently, the Governor of Vermont extended the 'Stay Home Stay Safe' order until May 15, 2020. Additionally, he pushed the opening date for hotels and vacation rental establishments to June 15, 2020. This means the closure date for the Lodge will be extended through June 14, 2020.

Here at Spruce Peak, we are embracing the challenge of these circumstances and hope very much to return to normal operations this summer. Next week, we will announce plans for our summer events, the golf season and more. There is a lot to look forward to and there will certainly be better days ahead.

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