The Legacy Membership

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Introducing the Stowe Mountain Club Legacy Membership

Stowe Mountain Club


Special Legacy Member Key Benefits

• Unmarried children of a Legacy Member, spouse or significant other are entitled to privileges until marriage or 35 years of age.
• Those children are entitled to acquire a Platinum Membership without the payment of an initiation fee or membership fee currently valued at $60,000 per membership.
• Those children also do not pay additional annual dues until they are either married or 35 years of age.
• Legacy members are entitled to the use of a special over-sized locker in the new alpine clubhouse designated for Founder and Legacy members.
• Members will have the ability to select new Spruce Peak at Stowe real estate offerings following Founder member selections.
• Legacy Membership fee of $150,000 includes a credit of $80,000 towards the purchase price of new, developer owned real estate sold by Spruce Peak Realty, LLC, provided the purchase price exceeds $1,000,000.  Additional details can be found in the Membership Agreement.

For more information about this Membership plan please contact:
Spruce Peak Stowe      (877) 977-7823

Locker Room
The above mentioned is not an offer to sell a membership and is subject to your jurisdiction.  Membership application is subject to approval.
Fees, dues and Stowe Mountain Club membership plan are subject to change.
Stowe Mountain Club


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